Possessor ★★★

I was expecting more of a horror movie based on what I read after its Sundance premiere months ago but this actually more like a scifi thrillers ala Upgrade. Did not see that coming but that doesnt mean it was bad at all. Very entertaining and kept me wondering where it was headed since the beginning. The two leads are two underrated actors that stay choosing interesting and edgy projects. Just last year Christopher Abbott and Andrea Riseborough starred in Piercing and Mandy. Two of the most out there and interesting films I saw last year and now they team up for this... I love when artists stay choosing edgy projects. Makes them have a more interesting filmography rather than chasing Oscar bait projects only like most actors do. Abott is truly one of the best of his generation and he doesnt get the props he deserve.

Check this one out if you were a fan of upgrade. Agencies using technology to get what they want, murders, very gory and graphic.

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