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  • El sur

    El sur


    "The idea i had about my father started to change, it was like opening my eyes and suddenly discovering that i knew very little about him"

    beauty, curiosity, and yearning. three words that come to mind when thinking about victor erices 'el sur', a warm yet bleak story set in northern spain about a girl and her fascination with her father and the south; her drift away from her father and into his past life in the south. essentially half…

  • Vivre Sa Vie

    Vivre Sa Vie

    "Shouldn't love be the only truth?"
    "For that, love would always have to be true."

    my first goddard doesn't hold up. I wasn't expecting much, but i wasnt satisfied. mostly because of the lack of character writing, who is nana? who are these friends of hers? her boyfriends? these decisions she keeps making, where did they come from and what drove her to choose them? because as she says early in the movie: "i think we're always responsible for our…

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  • Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective

    Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective

    oh my god how in the world did i watch this as a kid..? I OWNED THE DVD???? thank god i developed better taste. I'm making it my lifes mission to save my future kids from having horrible childhood movies from now on. they deserve cartoon salon, studio ghibli, and pixar

    @ the writer, literally nobody talks this. no kid on earth talk like this, these situations never happen. like .. sex jokes and death jokes?? this is pg. wtf.
    watched for a total of six (6) minutes till i decided id rather jump headfirst off a 100 story building into concrete than continue

  • Being John Malkovich

    Being John Malkovich


    "Well, my nipples are at attention, General Malkovich, sir!"

    brilliant. can't even begin to explain how genius this is, its brilliant. charlie kaufman you fucking bitch i love you. this genuinely feels like an epiphany, a mind orgasm. im not exaggerating this is how I feel having finished this. as confusing as a lynch/nolan film yet once you sit with it after a while it just sinks and it makes perfect sense. 

    all the acting is amazing, the writing is…

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  • Scream 2

    Scream 2


    "Bitch, hang up the phone and star-69 his ass!"

    far more superior than scream in terms of mystery, nothing else. nothing will ever beat the 90s flair of the first film. although, this was a great stupid horror whodunnit that i really liked. it's fun to yell at the screen at how stupid they are. plus this movie is really unrealistic, gunshots and car crashes yet NOBODY hears? and the detectives act like theyve only completed a total of 3…

  • Election



    "It's not like I'm a lesbian or anything. I'm attracted to the person. It's just that all the people I've been attracted to happen to be girls."

    cynical and dark, its a satire done right. it's funny and super fun. i love how iconic it is. reese and matthew are great, and i really like how it's almost a happy ending for everyone. also very girlboss. 
    don't cheat on your wives, and don't try to derail a woman's success. as…