Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★½

This is among John Carpenter's best action films. There is something about the darkness he used in his early films like Halloween (1978) that just works. This is one of the earliest films I know that used the concept of total chaos in a near-future society with a totally isolated and destroyed major city. The sci-fi touch it has is very attractive, since the film takes place in 1997 (that is, 16 years in the future), and although it clearly had a very low budget (unlike The Thing [1982]), it has a very cool story and a kickass character, brilliantly performed by Kurt Russell, a character who would be imitated several times in the future. Worth watching action film. Smart and apocalyptic.

Oh! And for "South Park" fans, it has Isaac Hayes as the antagonist character. He was awesome.


Edit for rewatch made on May 21st, 2020: The auteur goes full throttle and raises a giant middle finger towards the police and political authorities through a futuristic, anarchic suggestion that they are the reason for social disorder. Merciless, brutal and unforgivingly badass, Kurt Russell becomes one of the most notorious cult icons in the annals of cinema, and New York, engulfed in darkness and a somber 80s soundtrack, blows up in exploitation brilliance with Isaac Hayes' as new York's "A Number One", riding the most 80s villainous car ever filmed. Top 3 Carpenter.


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