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  • Belle de Jour

    Belle de Jour


    Kink in film is a horrible minefield to navigate. Fetishes are often portrayed as the desires of the insane, mentally unhinged outskirts of society, and when they're not, it's usually because the movie in question is pornographic. BuΓ±uel, being one of the most socially and psychologically aware of all the lauded film makers in history, naturally defies expectation and portrays the nature of fetishes as something almost mundane. Whether it be incestual necrophiliac roleplay or a Schrodinger's fetish box that…

  • Mothra



    At the start of Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la BΓͺte, we are pleaded with to take the viewpoint of a child: "Children believe what we tell them. They have complete faith in us. They believe that a rose plucked from a garden can plunge a family into conflict. They believe that the hands of a human beast will smoke when he slays a victim, and that this will cause him shame when a young maiden takes up residence in…

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  • Snow Trail

    Snow Trail


    There's something about this movie. It's fairly predictable, the direction is weak at times, and most of the characters don't really stand out. Yet it has such a charm about it. I think it might be how prototypical it is - the two newcomers who would become some of the greatest that Japan has to offer to the world of film, composer Akira Ifukube and the especially handsome and oddly twinkish Toshiro Mifune, are cutting their teeth and refining their…

  • The Last Command

    The Last Command


    Film School Drop Outs 2021 - Week 4 - 1st Academy Award Nominees

    A man worthy of pity devoid of context, then revealed to be a massive bastard as soon as is possible. It's the perfect set up, and for the first time in my recent silent film history, uses the flashback structure to full effect. It pushes the fold of Western politics and depicts the Communist Revolution in a sympathetic way. The first act is five stars worthy, and…

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  • Hypocrites



    Film School Drop Outs 2021

    Hypocrites is technically stunning. I adored how some long some tracking shots lasted, and how they looked quite modern. They didn't pussyfoot with the exposures and it paid off. Lois Weber proves herself a good director here as her cast avoid the overacting pitfalls of the era, but perhaps not such a good storyteller. From the beginning, the narrative is obtuse and vague, and it doesn't let up too much throughout - which, when you're…

  • Tell Your Children

    Tell Your Children


    "This, I understand, could be attributed to the use of marihuana. It causes errors in time and space."

    There aren't much movies about marijuana (sorry, marihuana) that are worth watching, but when I noticed how close to 420 films I was, I knew what I had to make my 420th. That being said, I don't really know what this has to do with weed - the villain of the movie is a creepy rapist who was lusting after underage women…