24 Frames

24 Frames ★★★★★

The art form stripped down to its most necessary functions: it's fitting that Abbas Kiarostami's final film, 24 Frames -- a stone cold masterpiece of the highest order and one of the greatest artistic achievements of the 21st century so far -- should be about extending the still image beyond its confines and exploring its elastic temporality through a cinematic perspective or, in other words, simultaneously resurrecting the dead and giving life to the merely "existent." Kiarostami's films, too, and this one in particular -- a minimal and meditative love letter to the world he'd soon be leaving behind and the landscapes, various creatures, and artistic mediums that inhabit it -- will allow the late, great Iranian master to become a subject of filmic resurrection as well. Only a different sort of resurrection; one external of the frame and achievable any time that an individual makes the decision to sacrifice their own sight, and replace it with the eye of Abbas' lens.

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