Nocturnal Animals

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A Man Sends His Ex a Novel -- About a Character, Resembling Himself, Having His Wife and Daughter Murdered -- as Groundless but Glorified Revenge for Her Rightfully Choosing to Get an Abortion in the Distant Past, which Helped Lead to the Disintegration of Their Relationship: the Movie.

Could your metaphor simultaneously be more on the nose, and harebrained & halfwitted, Tom Ford? He describes this as a "cautionary tale," but... of what? Be cautious about being pro-choice, guys; we wouldn't want women to be able to do with their own bodies exactly what they think is best for them (regardless of who they choose or choose not to tell).

If this film is, in Ford's words, about "[a woman that] has made the mistake of letting go of her true soulmate, and by reading his novel, it not only makes her fall in love with him all over again, it's his way of making her realize what she did to him," then it's a tale of unreasonable & gratuitous vengeance, one of wrongful retribution that I cannot get behind.

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