Song of Avignon

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"...because deeper there are terrible decisions to make, terrible steps to take. it is it forty that we die, those who did not die at twenty; it is at forty that we betray ourselves, our bodies, our souls, by either staying on the surface, or by going further but through the easiest decisions, retarding, throwing our souls back by thousands of incarnations. but I have come close to the end now, it's the question: will I make it or will I not? my life has become too painful and I keep asking myself, what am I doing to get out of where I am? what am I doing with my life? it took me long to realize that it's love that distinguishes man from stones, trees, rain, and that we can lose our love, and that love grows through loving, yes, I have been so completely lost, so truly lost..."

"...the easy way will save your soul only; the difficult way will save your soul and few others. so this is your choice: salvation by yourself, or salvation, together, with others..."

"...your face has always been upon me."

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