The Devils ★★★★★

One of THE most excruciatingly difficult cinematic experiences out there. It probably wasn't beneficial for my mental health to watch this and Under the Skin in the same evening. I hated Vanessa Redgrave's character so much that I might honestly hate Vanessa Redgrave now, haha. Kidding, kidding, but wow, what a deplorable human being Sister Jeanne was (albeit a product of her environment). Then again, what character in this film wasn't a deplorable human being and an abuser of their faith - aside from maybe Urbain Grandier during the latter half of the film (as well as his wife, though her role was relatively minimal)? I've always thought it to be true that, while religion isn't an inherently bad creation, the way that human beings have handled the concept of spirituality throughout time has been utterly disturbing and completely nonsensical. Oliver Reed gave one of the greatest performances of the 1970s in this film. Next up, The Music Lovers, though I'm convinced that The Devils must be Russell's masterpiece (and that's coming from an enormous fan of Altered States). I don't even know what to say about this film. Unbelievable, yet unforgettable.

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