Little Women

Little Women ★★★★

7.5/10 (You gotta love how Jo described herself as not pretty And that scene when she cuts her hair and cries because she looks ugly.

I have the advantage and unadvantage of having read the book.
Then i discovered it was a kids version of it and the ending was different. It´s nothing out of this world. It was clearly a criticism of 19th century´s society: Women couldn´t get jobs and had no choice but to get married. Although i always wonder...If these girls are so poor,how can they eat cake,muffins and donuts for breakfast? In fact,how can they afford a MAID?! How can they own fancy dresses?

I haven´t seen the 1994 version starring Winona Ryder and Christian Bale, and from what i have heard,i might have enjoyed it a little more.
Let´s talk about the tecnical aspects starting with a controversy: I wasn´t impressed with Great Gerwig´s Lady Bird. I thought the story was fine but the cinematography,the lighting and the characters left me starved.

With a bigger budget,I can see Gerwig´s talent as a director. A spot for director wouldn´t have been unapropiated because the directing here is pretty solid. I love the contrast between pastel color palette for the poor but cheerful girls and the desaturated colors in the second part of the story,which is truly sad.

Speaking of the story,i have to say i had a hard time caring about the movie. You´ve heard this everywhere but there are a bunch of time jumps and many might have a hard time following the story. I got used to them and i think the time jumps were for the better because the first moments we meet the little women is a bit sappy.

Now,let´s talk about the acting. I know it´s popular to hate Timothee Chalamet,but i thought he was a standout along with Meryl Streep. Both actors had so much energy and character distinction. Adam from Yourmoviessucks said both Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson did a fine job but you could only see them as themselves,not as characters.

Florence Pugh was nominated for an oscar yet i think she did a better job in Midsommar. To her credit,there were two scenes that were oscar worthy: The first one when she is talking to Laurie about being a women and marriage being an economic solution and the second one when he talks to Laurie about how she was Jo´s second in everything.

Anyway,i still like the characters,In fact,i love pretty much everyone in this movie....At least for the second half of the movie. At first,i have a hard time getting through those girls giggling and screaming but I got used to them to the point i loved every single one of them. Although i have to say Marmee and Beth were pretty underwritten.

Then again,they didn´t have that much to work with in the book.
Chris Cooper (The homosexual from American beauty) had a small part as Laurie´s Grandfather. Bob Oederkirk (Saul Goodman from Breaking bad) was The little women´s dad and man I wish i saw more from him and Cooper.

First half of the movie was faithful to the book: The four girls are poor,they dance a lot,they argue a lot...the second half i wasn´t sure if it was the adult version of "Little women",part of "Little men" (Yes,it exist. Haven´t read that) or just Greta Gerwig´s modern contribution.
Oh,Sarah Polly did an uncredited job. God i hate not knowing what was from her and what was Gerwig.

So yeah,it was the weakest of the nominees but man i had a blast with half of it. I would be glad to see what Gerwig does next.
I can´t believe she is making a Barbie movie

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