Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ½

tarantino jacking himself off for nearly three tedious, pointless hours. if anything, solidifies my distaste for tarantino and nearly everything he makes.
that’s all i’m saying because i’m not trying to get yelled at. glad people see something in this, but i most definitely do not. at least brad is hot.

(edit: after 18 months of contemplation, i have decided that this is my least favorite film i’ve ever seen. it is by no means the worst, but the amount of genuine despair and disgust i felt while watching this and witnessing the way others responded in the theater has not left my mind. i’m still disturbed by the things i saw in this film. as someone who wants to study film history for a living, i believe this movie is so ugly and deeply careless in the way it “confronts” ugly history. to put a not at all simple topic simply as i can, many of my issues here stem from my shock at tarantino refusing to acknowledge m*nson as a violent, racist murderer while shifting the blame to those who he abused and brainwashed. not saying they don’t deserve malice or criticism and i probably wouldn’t care as much if m*nson received the graphic deaths his victims did. that being said, violence played for comedy does not work for me, so it never would’ve been my thing anyways. also it’s just plain racist. the treatment of sharon tate is awful. i could write a full on essay but i won’t. point is, i fucking hate this movie with everything in me and i wish i had never seen it. thanks.)

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