• Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette


    j’adore traveling to miss sofia’s world

  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    costume design and choreography were thrilling. was not pleased at the reversal of pygmalion’s ending.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    pretty, but gave me the heebie geebies

  • Whip It

    Whip It

    elliot page + alia shawkat 4 ever 💘 i screamed when i read that drew directed. the daniel johnston references to let you know it’s real indie.

  • Zola



    my favorite thing was hands down the cinematography, but it doesn’t end there !!!!

    glossy stylization. taylour paige’s metamorphic performance. sculptural dance scenes. well place injections of humor. iphone sounds punctuating the aural sphere. 

    the suspense was a bit ruthless at times, but in a productive way.

    big bravo from this gal.

  • Thousand Pieces of Gold

    Thousand Pieces of Gold


    saw the recently restored version at bam as my first back in theaters and it was electric. i missed the inflections of crunchy popcorn and soft giggles.

    the landscape shots were stunning with the hazy idaho blue skies cut by sharp peaks. 

    rosalind chao’s single dimple had me charmed. her high kick to the jaw was the deal sealer. 

    with every man the protagonist Lalu encounters, she is either property, whore, or (unreciprocated) love interest. and fundamentally she can assume…

  • Chocolate Babies

    Chocolate Babies


    feels like a mixtape. relished it as an archive to the west side and alphabet city pre aught’s developments. left much to be unpacked by the viewer, with little hope of neat resolve. liked the forcefulness as one just has to stew in what the realities are.

  • Chutney Popcorn

    Chutney Popcorn


    a well formed narrative of kinship. a sultry color scheme that is complimented by the grainy 90s film vibe. loved the employment of silence and inference as Ganatra astutely knows her audience is an informed one.

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso

    don’t mess w a sea pirate

  • The Age of Innocence

    The Age of Innocence


    read the book not too long ago and savored the way scorcese’s interpretation acts as a compliment. loved michelle pfiffer’s interpretation of countess olenska, added so much dimension and subtle wit to my perception of wharton’s original. the shotttts!! chefs kiss to the vignettes, exaggerated coloring, and the detailed food shots. marvelous job at setting everything into space and society.

  • A Well Spent Life

    A Well Spent Life


    so delicate and tender. mance breathes and it’s poetry. eager to see more les blank.

  • Time Masters

    Time Masters


    not my favorite laloux but it’s a wise one.