• King Richard

    King Richard


    GOSH I LOVE TENNIS! AND THE WILLIAMS! A little bit corny but I think the perfect amount for a feel-good inspirational sports movie. Fascinating story and insane that it’s true. The power of manifestation baby. Now I want to go on a run and achieve my goals or something

  • Love Actually

    Love Actually


    We need to talk about the Love Actually to Phineas and Ferb pipeline and how insane it is that Thomas brodie-sangster and Olivia Olson voiced Ferb and Vanessa AKA two characters with the same dynamic that they had in this movie.

  • Factory Girl

    Factory Girl


    What a fricken bizarro cast I think this was my first time ever seeing sienna Miller actually act. I enjoyed this tho a lot - I’m a hoe for art movies and the 60s. A fun kind of imagination of Andy’s world and Edies life. Edie Sedgwick invented Paris Hilton, etc. the literal blueprint for the magnetic heiress it girl

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    The creativity of wes Anderson strikes again. This was gripping, GORGEOUS, funny, delightful, and endearing all at the same time. Just like. The creativity of this man is astounding that one person can be so meticulous and good at all of those things - the costumes, writing, interiors were INSANE (especially loved the 1960s version of the hotel). Fucking exceptional

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    What a magical movie. Unlike anything I’ve seen probably. The cinematography to the costumes the colors everything the score the editing the sound the performances it was all stellar. The story dragged me a bit and I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I should’ve but will def be rewatching and have a feeling it will grow on me

  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest


    “I think I was bored that weekend so I decided to fall in love”

    Probably one of the most epic movies ever. Like holy god. It was truly stunningly shot and I spent much of the movie trying to figure out how they did such technically advanced stuff in 1959 (the Birdseye view of the UN building, the shot from the sky in Indiana !!!!!). Truly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and definitely my favorite of Hitchcock’s that I’ve seen so far

  • The Goldfinch

    The Goldfinch


    I hate that this is bad movie because I literally adore this book. I wanted to be the person who defended it but like I can’t. I think the editing and score are way off but the cinematography is gorg and the actors could’ve been really good if it had been edited better. That said, this is a DIFFICULT book to adapt bc you have to fit an entire life essentially into a short run time so I respect the…

  • No Strings Attached

    No Strings Attached


    My mental health can be assessed by how often I watch this movie

  • The Pelican Brief

    The Pelican Brief


    Forgot to log this!! We know I’m a hoe for political thrillers and journalism movies so this was a win

  • The Da Vinci Code

    The Da Vinci Code


    This was not a good movie! It was actually really really bad!  …. But as a national treasure stan/history nerd/conspiracy theorist, I was extremely indulged so can’t really complain.

  • 27 Dresses

    27 Dresses


    A perfect movie. No further questions at this time

  • High School Musical 2

    High School Musical 2


    Timeless, classic, iconic. That baseball field gay awakening was something. If I had to watch Troy and Gabriella tickle each other and giggle all day I also would sabotage them. #justiceforsharpay