Zodiac ★★★★★

Zodiac- DIR: David Fincher
Watched on 
. Zodiac is one of the most intense, suspenseful and exciting movies I've ever seen- it's three hours long but it never seems obnoxious or even slow- the film races along whilst telling this sprawling story about the murders and the editing and cinematography are fantastic. All the montages, helicopter shots and even the very rare hand-held moments are all perfect and this is certainly helped the snappy and gripping editing.
The performances are all brilliant as well- Jake G does a superb job in the lead and Mark Ruffalo is perfect as Dave as well. They're interlocking obsessions with the case are really interesting to see unfold and the slow decrease of Robert Downey Junior's Paul Avery is just as enticing. Anthony Edwards also puts in a career bet performance as do most of the supporting cast. The score is superb too- haunting, eerie and perfectly supporting the sense of fear and paranoia in their place.
Overall this is a really messy review but my feelings about Zodiac can't be put into words. Long story short- it's a new favourite film of mine.

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