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  • Moonlight



    Such a cinematographic masterpiece. So much subtility in every shot and emotion.

  • Marguerite



    Those nineteen minutes brought me so much emotional... poor woman that spent all her life loving someone she coudn’t be with because of the stupid society. This short film is a wonderful mix of smiles and heartbreaking facts.

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  • Capernaum



    This movie is a masterpiece. A reality that a lot of people avoid is shown in such a dramatic... but beautiful way. An image of poverty, of love, of hate, of courage and strongness, that will bring up your tears, with this feeling of incapacity to help. We are so lucky to have the possibility to live here, while some people have no hope left. 
    That smile on the last scene... wow

  • Fauve



    This short film is heart breaking, so dramatic that I had some difficulty to watch it. The cinematography is beautiful, the actors were pretty good although they were young children, I’m so happy that 2 Quebec short films are nominated for the Oscars.