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This review may contain spoilers.

It’s been a while since I’ve shed a tear from a show/movie, can safely say that the dry spell (haha) is over. 

I don’t think I’ve been engaged in a show this much in a while, they did great with the tension, and there were certain scenes that were definitely anxiety inducing. Characters were well thought out, all the main ones were all very different and had their own battles. Cinematography, set design and sound design were also spectacular. 

I know a few people weren’t really a fan of the ending, I didn’t mind the “twist” at the end but didn’t really like what the whole thing ended on, as I felt it a bit out of Gi-Huns character, to leave his daughter and pursue vengeance (I assume) 

The biggest flaw for me were the VIPs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen acting as bad as that. The dialogue was awful, it was very much tell  don’t show, they said things that we already knew, didn’t just say it once, but said it multiple times. I found that my frustration at these characters completely took me out of the tension and the story. 

There was also a weird jarring monologue in that same episode which seemed completely random and like the VIPs, was very much tell don’t show. Episode 7 was definitely a little disappointing, when compared to the high quality of the others. 

I also really hope that Joon-ho is still alive. He was only shot in the shoulder, the same position as his brother. He fell into water, and I’d like to think that the those images and videos got send through just in time. I’m not too sure if I’d like a season 2, while I obviously want them the games to be shut down, I feel like a season 2 would potentially lack what the first season had which made it so special.

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