Memories of Murder ★★★★

Finally, what every murder mystery needs: numerous spontaneous drop kicks.

Memories of Murder was hilarious and haunting, two words that rarely come together to describe one film. And like I've seen others say as well, it definitely gave me Zodiac vibes. A good thing. Another thing about it is that I unfortunately knew how it ended before watching it, which usually defeats the purpose of a film that revolves around solving a mystery, but in this case it was still entirely intriguing. Though I really do not recommend spoiling it for yourself, as my film prof did for me. I may have enjoyed it even more otherwise. It truly brings something unique to the genre by, like I said, continuously making me laugh while simultaneously being completely unsettling and suspenseful. I think filmmakers who believe they must stick to supposedly unbendable genre conventions could learn a thing or two from this. It's a novelty.

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