• Final Destination

    Final Destination


    First viewing since my teen years. A couple things to note:

    1) On my early 2000s ~Infinifilm~ dvd set for A Nightmare On Elm Street, there’s a self-congratulatory lil New Line Cinema historical doc touting all the horror classics they’ve added to the canon, and after a few mins watching you begin to see that it’s all just a setup to promote their hot new Final Destination franchise. And James Wong is interviewed talking about iconic horror villains, and he:…

  • Los Angeles Plays Itself

    Los Angeles Plays Itself

    Just using this to log a quick run down of my first three film events back in LA, particularly highlighting how they each handled covid safety in case the info is valuable to anyone.

    Secret Movie Club at Million Dollar Theatre:

    - reminded everyone to keep masks on except when eating and drinking
    - MDT is a HUGE space so even with their biggest crowd yet, there was plenty of room and it felt v safe
    - Craig and gang are…

  • The Monster Squad

    The Monster Squad


    First time back at the new bev since Candyman on Leap Day 2020 right before the rona hit the states. “Glad” to be back (fuckin hate the new bev lmaoo but whatever) and finally see the Squad on 35mm! 

    I went to the bathroom during the opening principal scene so I could miss some of the homophobic dialogue and that made it a slightly better movie. Also broke the new bev’s rules and filmed three scenes with my phone, which, to quote David Lynch, was a real thrill.

    Very happy that I’ve finally seen both of Fred Dekker’s horror masterpieces on the big screen, on film! 🎞💕🎃

  • Clockwatchers



    “No machine can replace me until it learns how to drink.”

    Really nails the ways in which capitalism pits us all against each other, and finds a perfect symbolism of its cruelty in the reveal that it was a rich, privileged girl - handed a great job and living in a house where a maid answers the door - stealing and getting the struggling working class girls blamed for it. (The movie’s only true misstep in my eyes is not…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    Why are there so many memes about cancelling peacock right after watching Halloween Kills - which implies taking advantage of a free trial - when…you have to pay for peacock to watch it ???

    Anyway I’m not paying to watch Ableist ~Auteur~ david gordon green and Professional Not Funny Sleazebag danny mcbride fuck up this franchise even more lol so if anybody’s got a rip point your dude in the right direction 😎

  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    One of the reasons Coyote Hours is the album of which I’m most proud is because we worked all sorts of amazing music and film samples into the recordings, my favorites of which were a few clips of dialogue and Miklós Rózsa’s score from Billy Wilder’s film noir masterpiece, Double Indemnity.

    It was one of my dad’s favorite films, and it quickly became one of mine as well once I rewatched it after he passed. Sampling clips from the film helped bring…

  • Hellraiser



    Just logging from the Secret Movie Club 35mm double last night. I’d review this banger again, but why bother when Erin already took care of it for us all!

  • Suspiria



    Secret Movie Club 35mm screening at LA’s Million Dollar Theatre - on a double bill with Hellraiser, and I love that this bill is so twisted that Suspiria is the early show lmaooo

    One of the better double features I’ve been to. Craig Hammill (love Craig) described Argento’s acid trip viewing of Snow White that inspired this - especially its gorgeous, popping technicolor hues that are 100% devoid of screen story logic..,the colors are just that way cuz they’re that way. …

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    Hmmm…very surprised that I kinda liked it lmao. 

    I mean, listen. From the very beginning, it was a Michael Bluth “Her?” for me that the story was gonna focus on Dickie Moltisanti. Like…really? Why? (And why make this movie at all, too, yeah that.)

    For starters, Tony may not have the makings of a varsity athlete but Dickie Moltisanti sure don’t have the makings of an ideal tragic figure. What’s tragic, exactly? That he sucks, outright? That his depths go…

  • Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    argued a few years ago that white ppl shouldn’t really have shit to say about the way in which dave is tanking his reputation even as vile as it is, and I do think it’s very telling that lots of the negative reviewers keep touting the 8:46 video as ~brilliant~ without the slightest self-awareness of how they’re essentially saying, “Black man do angry Black man routine, we likey. Nothing else tho, thanks.” Most of the negative reviews are just proving his…

  • The 355

    The 355

    Will the copaganda ever stop and also I don’t know which actor I’m most disappointed in but actually yes I do it’s Jessica Ingrid Chastain not her actual middle name but until she stars in just one (1) good movie, just one, just……..just one good movie, I will be abstaining from using her real actual middle name alright

  • Wonka


    his 🌱 Mistakes Era 🌱