Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★½

Just wanna say my intention hadn’t been to write full review since it feels a bit obsolete to breakdown a film like this but here we are..

Much more sentimental than I had expected and it hits on most of those notes, balancing between a political satire and a father/daughter plot with ‘great success’. Had you told me beforehand that a Borat sequel would have sentimental value i’d have laughed you off, but they sorta nail it here. It may substitute a lot of comedic aspects but the strong narrative keeps it afloat. 

Funny n gross n chaotic, Sacha Baron Cohen again opens up his big peephole here into America’s worst most idiotic people and places. One scene in particular with conspiracy theorists theorising that a well known politician drinks blood of children is sorta bewildering.

Borat’s daughter Turat played by Maria Bakalova is fantastic and shows as little fear as Sacha, stealing the limelight often from him in his own sequel. I was skeptical initially as I figured Borat was a lone character but I can’t see this working without her, absurdities and eccentricities galore. 

Not as witty or as provocative as its’ predecessor with a lot of the jokes falling flat but still more daring than a lot of other pictures we see, I found myself though leaning toward the softer and more ‘adult’ aspects of the film over the outrageous moments. A scene in a synagogue although clearly satirical ends up being quite remarkable and reassuring - in the face of a unhinged Man in an anti-Semitic demon outfit, one of the women deals with Borat beautifully and with acceptance. In a storm of satirical chaos, this calm and peaceful moment stands out. A small gesture but one that gives an inkling of hope in despair. 

The scene everyone’s talking about is quite clearly him tucking his shirt in though. Granted he’s creepy and weird throughout that entire stint and distastefully comfortable with Turtan but that one moment’s been blown waaaaay out of proportion for some extra clicks n clout. The editing makes it hard to come to a fair appraisal but I feel it’s fairly evident what went on here.  

Doesn’t impact the same way the first did as the shock value since then has vanished pretty much entirely, but it’s a valiant effort and sticks most the landing. A baffling messy feature with the USA the brunt of the joke. Lotsa foul-mouthed and vulgar fun to be had which really is all u want from this!

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