The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★

Quite easily the horniest flick i’ve seen. And also one of the best. In an age where explicit content is as abundant as it is easy to access, or where sexuality is relentlessly flaunted on social media, this’ll even arouse those with the most jaded souls. Sumptuous, swanky, seductive and almost unbearably sexy. Sensual as hell, from the sublime cast to the vivd colour palette, via a slick script and spellbinding direction from Park Chan-wook, with much aplomb. Utterly spellbinding stuff. Boy am I thankful I didn’t have to cross any eyes with other cinemagoers after watching this heavy-erotica art playing porn dress-up. Not one to watch with your parents ! But absolutely one to recommend to them (and everyone you know)

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