Rope ★★★★

November Horror 2020, Day 28, challenge #1 - Hitchcock

Eat, and I cannot stress this enough, the rich. Yikes! At least Jimmy Stewart Learned His Lesson and won't "inspire" any more impressionable boys who probably (definitely) have a crush on him to kill "inferior" people. You'd think someone so "smart" would understand such talk might have repercussions but W/E. Burn down all the prep schools, is my point.

Yeah this is the most gay movie I've ever seen that doesn't come out and say I'M GAY. Literally everything happens because Brandon idolizes Rupert and Philip is in love with Brandon, which adds a way more interesting layer than just "rich white assholes trying to get away with something," which I'm sure we're all sick of by now. I hope I'm as here for the party as Mrs. Atwater at her age. Buffet on the corpse, weird death talk, sexual tension, she don't care, she just wants to celebrate good times, come on! #goals

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