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  • Really Love

    Really Love


    A cute pretty looking love story. While enjoyable dare I say I needed more conflict? Higher stakes? The chemistry between the leads was there but the circumstances were your typical romance story. A couple with different career goals and class differences trying to make it. It's been done so much unfortunately that it kinda of loses it's steam halfway through.
    My favorite scenes were of Stevie and Isaiah vibing with their friends, it felt realy and natural.

  • Minari



    A collapse! What else can I say but wow! A moving family drama about the pursuit of the "American Dream", I found this all too relatable, especially David and his relationship with his grandmother. While I came for Steven Yeun, I stayed for the rest of the cast's wonderful performances as well. Everything was on point, writing, directing, cinematography etc. Already one of my favorites from the year.

    Only slight gripe, wish we had more POV from Anne and her character as the eldest daughter in an immigrant family.

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  • Selah and the Spades

    Selah and the Spades


    This was REFRESHING!

    Absolutely adored this and this concept of a high school The Godfather-esque setting. This rough handheld cinematography was captivating considering the plot and tone.
    The third act shot my rating up and the run in the woods had my heart thumping, I truly feared for the characters' lives.
    I do think outside of Selah, some of the characters were weak and needed some fleshing out. I just wanted more, more of the factions, more of the shady dealings, more of them trying to evade the administration. So glad we're getting a tv show
    Lovie Simone was a force!

  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    Where's the sequel