The Secret Life of Pets 2 ★★★

I didn't like the first movie, it was voidless the jokes were that the characters are animals and didn't go anywhere.

Things do change drastically in the 2nd movie well if you can call it that it is basically three plots that involve animals but you know what? For once it has a purpose we have three plots one about animal abuse the other a metaphore about growing up and the 3rd one about jokes about cats okay it couldn't be all wins.

Yes it drags a bit but we have three full stories that instead of focusing on what animals do when don't see them the focus is on animals reacting to the world surrounding them how they fight abuse and growing up and well cat jokes that maybe some of them were funny but the others were eh.

I think this could work as a tv show in a sort of modern way to make Aesop Fables. You know for once this was ok good job ilumination?

So of course it is ilumination so people will hate it for the sake of hating it despite that it doesn't get as generic as sing or as annoying as the minions at least in my opinion.

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