Bamboozled ★★★★½

Definitely my favorite Spike Lee movie. It's focused rage, highly cinematic and it hits its target. If it came out today it'd be a hit, but the digital photography would be inferior to the digital cameras we had in 2000.

Every performance is incredible. Damon Wayans is amazing. Savion Glover is incredible. Michael Rapaport is better than I've ever seen him here.

This movie goes so far into left field, you'd think "how is this the same movie anymore?" But it's amazing. It's rich and emotional too. Delacroix's (Damon Wayans) journey is painful. This movie isn't fun for anyone, really. I believe Spike's been trying to rekindle the flame he summoned in this film since he made it. You can definitely see this movie in She Hate Me and BlackKklansman.

Bamboozled > Network

Also, Cameron Crowe won the screenplay Oscar the year this came out, but it should have gone to Spike for this movie.

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