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  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


    The mine cart chase is an all-timer, and the nightclub bit and the rope-bridge thing are fun. 

    But step back for a second: what are we even trying to accomplish here?

  • Gung Ho

    Gung Ho


    It’s probably a sign of low character for a person to write a “this movie is pretty racist BUT” review BUT

    Bottom line: the sputtering forehead-rubbing shtick that made Michael Keaton’s career (and, let’s be real, fulfilled the full promise of the American experiment) has never shaken the walls of the theater like it does here. 

    But yeah, extremely broad racial strokes and a full-tilt anti-union story.

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  • The Lineup

    The Lineup

    An underrated Hitchcock ripoff and San Francisco movie-- two of our most promising movie genres. Throws forward to Michael Mann by having the two gangsters be inscrutable weirdos who live by some sort of brutal criminal code that they can't explain to anyone without sounding insane.

  • Arizona


    Very modern for a pre-war western (nb: not modern at all on manifest destiny, Native Americans or Mexicans)-- Jean Arthur makes it worth watching as a relentlessly positive shitkicker beset on all sides by moustache-twirlers. William Holden is charming as hell, the sweep is epic, and the twist on the final shootout is perfect.