Dune ★★★★½

I beg George Lucas to stop revising and re-releasing Star Wars (1977)! I just want to watch the original version and not whatever the hell he has done this time!

Honestly, Dune was alright… I liked most of it, but kind of got pulled out of the whole experience when Paul said, “Hey everyone, I’m Timothée Chalamet”. And to make matters more confusing, Chani said, “And I’m Zendaya, from the upcoming film event, Dune”. And then, for whatever reason, Paul started to speak in the third person, saying, “We’re excited to introduce you to Paul Atreides and Chani, who are traveling all the way from the planet Dune, and dropping into Fortnite today”. Now I don’t know what this “fortnite” is, but I’m pretty sure the planet is called “Arrakis”, and not planet “Dune”. Paul, that’s the name of the movie bro, not the name of the planet you’re on, get it right man. I’m not entirely sure what Denis Villeneuve meant by adding this bit to the film, but I’m not gonna try to read into it and I’m just going to assume it’s something extremely intelligent and meaningful.

I could beat Paul in a fight. He’s really small. I just wanted to add this, to let everyone know, that I could beat him up.

So the movie, I’d like to give it another go and maybe write a full fledged review, possibly after I watch more from this Villeneuve guy. The best way to describe this movie though, is that it is massive. I also want to read the book, but then again, reading is for losers, watching movies is way better!

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