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I was gonna open this review with a random and appropriately fitting quote from the film, but considering there are 5,362 hilarious and infinitely requotable lines contained here, I can’t even fathom which one to pick.

The Favourite surprised me in that Yorgos Lanthimos actually went out and made a legit period piece. I was waiting for the turn when the framework would just devolve into pure lunacy, but my Greek god kept it focused. That’s not to say that Yorgos compromised his style at all, but The Favourite is truly a marriage between the period pieces of old and the bold distinct vision of Yorgos Lanthimos.

The dialogue and script here is on another level completely. Rachel Weisz, Olivia Coleman, and Emma Stone are all given absolutely spit fire to work with and their words alone can pierce the skin it’s that sharp. Aaron Sorkin found dead in Miami.

The conflict naturally rises and rises, but I was surprised that the film stretched itself as long as it did. I really don’t think this needed to be close to two hours, and splitting the film into named parts felt a little extra and made the film feel longer as well. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time, but it did get a lil tiring.

I’m confused as to why Yorgos kept rotating between what felt like 8 different cinematographers all with different cameras and lenses. The fish eye lens shots range from “holy shit this is actually working” to “holy shit why did Yorgos think this was working”. On its own, each style of cinematography works, but the blending of it all and the constant lense switching was distracting to me. Just personal taste, but still.

Speaking of personal taste, I do like my Yorgos Lanthimos to be a little more sinister and out there than this, but there a moments when The Favourite transforms into comedy gold and packs a sudden emotional punch. For sure the most multifaceted movie of Lanthimos’ career. And thanks for cutting it down on the “weird for the sake of being weird” moments. They still happen because Yorgos can never help himself especially when it comes to jerkin it, but The Favourite actually felt like a lived in film rather than a wormhole into an alien alternate reality. 

Seriously tho I can’t decide which of the three leads stood out the most they should all get a joint Oscar for transforming the signature Yorgos Lanthimos deadpan into something so elegant and lethal. Easily the most petty movie of 2018 maybe even ever. The fact that this is considered a top contender for the Oscars makes me so proud of my weird ass masturbation obsessed Greek brother he went all out for this. 


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