American Murder: The Family Next Door ★★★

I just don't know how else could this be described. I'd highly recommend you NOT TO watch it for your health's sake, it's disturbing and it certainly won't make any good to your mind. That being said, I wanna make a reflection on the documentary's moral lessons.

First of all, if the documentary wasn't clear enough for you, let me tell you this: if you are in a relation where you are a victim of physical or psychological violence, please get out. Don't take any chances. Don't even do it for yourself, do it for your friends, for your family, for those who love you. It will probably be hard but you deserve better.

Second, I wanna make a point that the documentary failed to make: be real. We all love to be positive, in fact, I consider myself as someone who always looks at the bright side of things. That's why social media encourages us to show our best side even when are in the middle of a dark tunnel. But we are not prepared for that. Don't fall into the trap of superficiality, just be yourself! Out of respect to the ones who are not with us today, I won't make any comments about this particular situation but I feel like there are many bad things that wouldn't be happening without social media. Just be cautious with it and don't let it play a major role in your life unless you feel really well with everything going around in your life.

Finally, about the documentary itself, it's fine but for some reason it doesn't feel morally right to do it nor to make a profit off it, even after the families' authorization. They went way too far in my opinion. Technically, the producers made a good job but as we all saw, morality always matters the most and I don't see where that is here.

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