"Our morality comes from the absence of a grander scheme, not the presence of one."

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  • The Rider

    The Rider


    “Apollo got hurt so we had to put him down today... It’s not fair to the horse. He can’t run and play and do the things he likes to do... You know I got hurt like Apollo did, but I’m a person so I got to live. If any animal around here got hurt like I did we’d have to put him down. I believe God gives each of us a purpose. A horses is to run, and a cowboys is to ride...”

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    I haven't come up with a cool name for these movies that are just extremely intense fight scenes between couples yet, but it is like one of my favorite sub genres. Growing up with divorced parents, the intricacies of romantic relationships displayed on screen never fails to pull me in, especially ones that highlight the differences between men and women. I always find myself pausing the movie to sus out the problem, to decide whos right and wrong and just enjoy the challenge of…

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  • Her



    Love... A concept that cannot be described by one person. An idea that you must feel for yourself to truly understand... One that we can only try to explain through our infinite forms of communication, television, books, art. And I think "Her" does a pretty great job.

    This movie attempts to bring us closer to an understanding of the word love through the intricacies of Theodore's life. His divorce, his dating attempts, through his friends marriage, and his newfound love in the…

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    Stylistically and narratively brilliant. Packs so much into such a short time and really squeezes everything it can out of the body-switching trope. The animation is really breathtaking, and some of the imagery during the split-screen moments will leave you heartbroken. 
    The music is simply brilliant, and there are several times I was almost moved to tears simply because of how well this movie works with what the audience is hearing. It masters the building of suspense, even between its smaller moments.…