Your Name. ★★★★★

Stylistically and narratively brilliant. Packs so much into such a short time and really squeezes everything it can out of the body-switching trope. The animation is really breathtaking, and some of the imagery during the split-screen moments will leave you heartbroken. 
The music is simply brilliant, and there are several times I was almost moved to tears simply because of how well this movie works with what the audience is hearing. It masters the building of suspense, even between its smaller moments. And the tragedy toward the end is handled with such care. 
I won't go as far to say the characters are well written, but the story definitely is, and the way this movie handles loss, longing, and love is something all storytellers should admire. I've seen less than 5 movies that fall into the anime genre, but I'd safely say if you're going to watch one anime in your life, watch this one. 

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