Aquaman ★★

If James Wan approached this movie as a parody, it might actually be decent.

This is living proof why meaningless superhero movies shouldn't try to squeeze in sociopolitical messages. What you get is an Aquaman movie about climate change. And when the movie is a joke, the message is exponentially more so. This is also proof why I shouldn't see a 2.5 hour movie just to make an Entourage reference.

1/2 star for Jason Momoa and his hair whips -- If he weren't the lead, I actually think this would be one of the worst movies of all time. And he is vastly underutilized as it is.

1/2 star for Willem Dafoe for having the most diverse filmogrpahy in history

1/2 star for the score -- It was seriously amazing, and I wouldn't mind if it got an Oscar nod

1 star for this movie giving me the realization midway that time is precious and it actually matters how I spend it in life, and I should make a concerted effort to see worthwhile stuff

-1/2 star for not making this with Adrien Grenier, aka Vincent Chase