Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

Look I really want to like the dumb expensive zombie movie. It's got so many things that I normally enjoy! Explosions, dumb SFX, excessive brainings, money. But for fucks sake, what a wreck.

Barely 12 minutes in there's a Sean Spicer cameo. Hey did you know that Sean Spicer is in this? I sure didn't!

Why is this two and a half goddamn hours long? It honestly feels longer than the Snyder Cut.

Then you don't respect your own rules of your dumb zombie movie by having a character get bit and then hours later turns when everyone else turns within minutes.

And you end it with The Cranberries "Zombie"? Could you be any more surface level? Haha the zombie movie ends with the song "Zombie"! I think this is funny! Thumbs up on the Netflix app! Give me more, Netflix!

Jesus christ.

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