• Lamb



    Huge shoutout to the 9-year-old girl in my audience who evidently decided to see the slow-paced subtitled Swedish magical realism film instead of like The Addams Family 2 or whatever

  • Annette



    What I love about this movie is that if at any point in the runtime you think you know what is about to happen, no you don't

    I think the first portion of this goes on a bit too long but once the baby is born things go off the rails in such a fun and compelling way

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    - I really like Cary Joji Fukunaga's camera work. Excited to finally revisit Beasts of No Nation soon when I pick up the Criterion bluray
    - this felt more fun than the other movies? I don't really remember them much to be fair so maybe I'm misremembering
    - don't really understand the villain's motivation to kill millions of people at all... Just mean? Just a jerk? Is that it?
    - speaking of, man was he uninteresting! I don't know if…

  • Bound



    Always been a fan of the Wachowskis but somehow never saw their debut til now... Lemme tell ya, it's great!

  • If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

    If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power


    Good companion piece to the album!

    I do wish the story had a bit more narrative connective tissue but I understand this isn't really that type of project so I can't fault it for that, that's just my personal preference. I also think though that the editing could have been smoother, cutting to black after every song made it feel slightly too music video-y to me. Yes I know it's a visual album whatever! But still, it felt jarring compared…

  • Titane



    vroom vroom awoOOOOGA

  • Funny Face

    Funny Face


    The central conceit of this movie (that Audrey Hepburn looks like a weirdo and isn't the most beautiful person in the world) is the most absurd thing I've ever seen in a movie, and earlier today I watched Woody Harrelson stick his tentacles in a gas station laptop and say "Y'all got them internets?"

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    Did not take itself seriously at all which made both the comedy and the superhero shit much better than the first movie! This is not high art but I had a very fun time watching it. Also great use of their one PG-13 f-bomb

  • The Many Saints of Newark

    The Many Saints of Newark


    I don't know how well this works just as a standalone gangster film for anyone who hasn't seen the show despite it being a prequel, but as a huge fan of the show: I had a good time!

  • Venom



    The black comedy parts of this are good. The superhero parts are boring. The symbiotes do look dope tho. I hope the second one leans into the comedy more!!

    Also I hate that I enjoy the end credits song. Love a movie theme song that just describes the characters and plot

  • Malignant



    I like how batshit this got near the end. Should have gotten batshit sooner! The first 90 minutes is so cliche and boring!

    I appreciate the incredibly weird angle this took but in the end the execution is still such a generic and uninteresting "possession" story that's been done so many times before. Although I did like the practical effects and commitment to gore

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    Sure it's a little formulaic but it was also super dope and I loved every minute of it. I love me some monsters and fun fight choreography and this certainly delivered. Thank u Simu Liu