Secret in Their Eyes ★★½

It's a shame this remake didn't live up to the original because Campanella's 2009 film was one of the most memorable movie experiences I had that year. His film managed to perfectly balance the mysterious atmosphere with some brief comedic moments that helped lower the tension and relieve some of the stress. In this Hollywood remake the film never really manages to build that same eerie  atmosphere. The stadium scene was a great technical achievement in the Argentinean film, but here it was simply introduced as just another chase scene like the thousands we've seen before in action movies. The cast includes Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman in the female roles, but despite their talents the characters aren't given much to do. The film tells the story but that is about all it does, which is a reminder that a good story isn't the only essential element to make a good movie. I was really disappointed with this film since I was a huge fan of the original but I knew there was no way it could live up to the expectations I had. If you haven't seen the original film then stop reading this and get to it. The final revelation in that film was one of best endings I've seen in a movie this decade, but here it was completely ruined.

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