The Favourite ★★★★★

Yorgos created another masterpiece that manages to be a slightly historically accurate period piece while also being hilarious. It’s extremely well written, incredibly clever and done so in a way that keeps you guessing. The score only elevates the great screenplay and makes dramatic scenes even better. The fish eye lens is BEYOND amazing and although you’d think it hinders the story it actually adds such an interesting element. The costumes and set design are stunning and you can tell how hard everyone worked. But, by far the best part was the performances. Olivia, Emma, and Rachel are one of the best ensemble casts this year and perhaps ever. I remember watching an interview where they talked about Yorgos getting everyone together to do rehearsal before they started shooting and everyone got to know one another by doing theatre games and practicing and whatnot. That bond they formed over those weeks rehearsing definitely shows. Even in the scenes when two characters are fighting with one another (mostly Sarah and Abigail) the chemistry is amazing. Each actress, especially Olivia, gave a whirlwind performance. The script required them to be funny, cruel, emotional, angry- something that all of them were able to flip in and out of so effortlessly. It really is one of the most unique and original films I’ve ever seen and I’m so thankful it even exists. Another reason too is that I wasn’t ever bored of the love triangle or felt like it was overdone because (thankfully) it was between three women something that you never see usually because Hollywood ignores or doesn’t want to finance films with wlw relationships which is just bullshit since it really did help to make the film my favorite of the year. Can’t wait for it to comes out on DVD so I can buy it and watch it everyday.

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