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  • Baltic Tribes

    Baltic Tribes

    One of the more interesting, visuals orientated docudramas that I've seen, and rather emblematic of the current state of modern cinema in Eastern Europe as a whole, that is experimental, inventive and, at the time of this review, still pure.

    I would recommend to anyone interested in Pagan/Christian histories of Europe.

  • i thot i wuz free

    i thot i wuz free

    Rupi Kaur: film edition

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  • How Green Was My Valley

    How Green Was My Valley


    The thing (British) kitchen sink realism directors often get wrong about the working class is that they often think their economic status dictates every facet of their lives. They're depicted as lifeless, emotionless, joyless folk with absolute nothing in the world going for them. To these champagne socialists, the plight of the working class is merely a political tool to be wielded against their political opposites, truth be damned.

    John Ford takes a much more realistic approach, humanising the working…

  • Midsommar


    I've been watching many good films recently, and while scrolling through Letterboxd I seen my friend Max posit the idea of films working as "palate cleansers". Something to tone down the cinematic experience a little to make you appreciate the artistry of other films a little more. I, rather foolishly, thought that Midsommar would be a good film to try this concept out on.

    Midsommar is less palate cleansing and more palate decimating. A pure adrenochrome injected shit burger ridding…