The Hunt ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

It’s been too long since I remember a film that actually infuriated me. It’s one thing to watch a film and think it’s a bore, but to watch a film that promotes toxic and dangerous beliefs like The Hunt is a new level of awful. 
  Ever since Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign around 5 years ago, bigoted conservatives across America unified in a movement that went onto to define our current social era. People felt comfortable to express their intolerances towards different races, sexualities, and genders in a mass scale, as they were being encouraged to do so by Trump. When beliefs started to infringe on other people’s rights to live a fair and peaceful life, they inherently become toxic and require silencing, in which the left were willing to attempt. Political opinions purely became a matter of, “should these people deserve to be treated with kindness?”
 What does this have to do with The Hunt? The Hunt doesn’t hide any of it’s political themes. The film pits extreme liberals and conservatives against each other in a life and death game. The conservatives who are clearly homophobic, sexist, and racist are celebrated for defending their freedom of speech, against the liberals trying to silence them. 
 This is problematic. Liberals silencing alt right conservatives isn’t usually a matter of “my opinion is better than yours”. It’s used to make sure minorities aren’t targeted for hate and bigotry. 
 The liberal characters are demonized as wealthy privileged murderers, and unapologetically so. Despite this, their goal of silencing alt right conspiracy theorists and toxic behavior- is actually perfectly reasonable. The fact the film translates this to mass murder is deplorable. 
 This is a dangerous film. A major studio motion picture that is actively celebrating toxic political views is simply horrid. Please, do not support The Hunt and it’s hate justifying themes. In an attempt to build a better world for all races, genders, sexualities, etc, the world would better off without this disgusting excuse of a film.