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  • The Bling Ring

    The Bling Ring


    there’s been a mistake...the bling ring, you guys won best picture. this is not a joke, the bling ring has won best picture...the bling ring, best picture!

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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    woah...i fuck with this. possibly the most unique and bold big studio horror movie to come out in recent years? i’m so baffled by the mere existence of this; very sad it was completely ignored by fox during its release but i’ll forever thankful that it was at least able to be made. genuinely terrifying stuff, more people need to see this!!!

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    “seems like a dream, seems like a dream...”

    there’s something fascinating about the way this movie features so many actors who broke into the world of stardom from teen movies or shows. it takes the appearance of one and flips it on its head, exposing all the dark and dirty secrets. 

    selena gomez’s character takes the form of alice, tripping and falling down the rabbit hole into an over saturated american dream world under the scorching heat of crime and…

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