The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

I don’t personally have much else to add that wasn’t in my original review, but since I showed this movie to my parents tonight, I collected for your enjoyment (printed here with permission) the Comments My Mom Made While Watching The Favourite: 

“Ew, oh God he’s putting his hands in his pants! Who does that in a carriage?!”

“Those wigs back then! What were they thinking?”

“Oh, hi Emma! She has such pretty eyes.”

“Okay, rude! ...That was rude.”

“That looks like not such a good bathing experience. I think I’d rather not shower if I was them.”

“Wait, is she seriously bossing around the Queen? Who’s in charge of who around here?”

“Uh oh, she was mean to her and now she’s taking it out on that little servant boy.”

“Uh oh, it’s a man. In the woods. Maybe he’s a prince... But something tells me that’s not how this show is going to go.”

“Wow, she’s....somethin’.”

“I have a feeling Emma’s not as nice as she looks.”

“Poor Queen. That’s what happens when you get put in charge just because of who you’re born to. Except look at us in America, who we voted in. Not good.”

“She makes your blood hot? Keep your hot blood to yourself, mister!”

“Whoa....that’s not a normal dance. Are they making this up? Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t dance like that back then.”

“That Queen is sad.” 

“Oh damn. They really love each other. A lot! Oh damn.”

“Wow. So she’s just eating and barfing and playing cards and has cake all over her face. Okay. She’s a mess. That is not healthy.”

“Poor birdies!”

“Uh oh. I have a feeling things are about to get a little bumpy.”

“OH GOD why is she hitting herself in the face? Stop it! STOP!”

“Oh boy, this is getting manipulative.”

“Hmm. This is confusing, because Abigail’s clearly using her. But the other lady is, too.”

“A-ha, she’s found one thing she can’t boss the Queen around about...pleasure.”

(Dramatically) “The war between them has begun.”

“What the f*ck! Why are they—why are they throwing fruit at him? Like is that just supposed to be random, or what?”

“Oh dear, this is a hot mess isn’t it?”

“I keep getting mixed up which one is Abigail’s  husband. ...Oh well, I guess the boys don’t really matter in this.”

“I’m scared. This better not have a tragic ending.”

“Oh man, I hope they don’t die. I don’t want any of them to die.”

“Oh! Ow! STOP! Why is she being so mean to the bunny?”

“Something very symbolic is happening right now but I don’t know what it is.”

“What’s happening, Evan?”

“Oh no. That can’t be the end. Okay great, well I liked the movie up until now.”

“Well, it just goes to show you: when you’re not nice, it just comes back to bite you in the ass!”

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