The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★★

Forgiveness is warm, like a tear on a cheek...”

in my humble opinion this show right here represents the epitome of everything good horror should be. through its supernatural handling of serious subjects that are painfully, brutally real, The Haunting of Hill House achieves the genre’s highest potential in facilitating a cathartic confrontation with real-world darkness. 

lending itself to both literal and figurative interpretations, Mike Flanagan’s ten-episode netflix masterpiece excels at managing & subverting audience expectations in the smartest way possible, skillfully balancing a fantastic cast of characters with boldly emotional storytelling. each episode is so ingeniously constructed and powerfully delivered. and Episode 6 absolutely blew my mind with those long takes!! such incredible writing, acting, cinematography, familial dynamics / character work... I truly cannot recommend this show enough

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