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  • Dracula



    I wish my first experience with Stoker's Dracula wasn't watching Murnau's Nosferatu the day after I heard about the From Caligari to Hitler theory. I didn't even read the fucking book, I just read a little about it on Wikipedia and saw a YouTube video on it but it's already infected my eyes such that I can't see these stories the same way anymore.
    Luckily this significantly turns down the xenophobic themes of Nosferatu. BUT it replaces that with the…

  • Nosferatu the Vampyre

    Nosferatu the Vampyre


    As romantic as expressionist; there's a sequence when Johnathan sets out to walk to Dracula's castle that looks like what would happen if you gave Caspar David Friedrich a film camera.

    Incel Nosferatu >>> Jew Nosferatu

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  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    Bela Lugosi's Dead is one of my favorite songs and the main reason this has been on my radar was because I knew Bauhaus plays it in the opening credits. But I was honestly really disappointed by the chopped up version in the opening. It just felt so lifeless in contrast to the 9 minute cut's vivid undeadness (did I just refer to a "cut" of a song? lmao that's just too funny for me to correct), and it served…

  • nothing hurts, and you won’t be

    nothing hurts, and you won’t be


    there probably isn't a single aspect of this film not worth the highest of praise but i just want to emphasize how perfect that title is right now
    one of those titles like A Brighter Summer Day or One Hundred Years of Solitude that, even before having seen the film and long after (and there are certainly more I've yet to see/read), out of nowhere one day or one week or one month decides to keep bubbling up from my subconscious and…