Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

With a story that sometimes was a little too contrived, and a plot that gets completely undone by one character, I found myself disappointed in where the story eventually led us. The action was fun, and the humor was sometimes on point. A lot of the characters were very likeable (always been a fan of Tig Notaro, and considering what she had to do to be in this flick makes her character even more interesting), but in the end, I really was just let down by the over-reliance on the father-daughter story that sometimes (cue the sweet parent music) felt so overly dramatic that it took away from the movie.

All in all, the effects were interesting, even when they were obviously slathered in CGI-juice, and what practical effects we got were pretty cool.

I know it sounds dumb to complain about believability in a movie where the whole of Las Vegas is about the get nuked because it is infested with zombies, but the ending was a real let down as well. It didn't feel plausible for the character himself as a thing he would do, and quite honestly, in this post-9/11 world, what airline company is going to see an obviously battle-beaten man flash a stack of cash then allow him onto their plane?

Anyhow, the charisma is Bautista is something that I always wrestle with, as I really like him in pretty much everything he has been in, and behind the scenes he seems like someone that is really great to know. His character as sad-sack dad dealing with his tortured life as his daughter that hates him was sympathetic right up until you find out how much the story is going to lean on that storyline, then it just feels inserted to try and get the feels out of the viewer, and really feels unnecessary. Especially considering how stupid his daughter is. I mean like really, ugh.

Anyhow, sorry for rambling. Let's sum up: good for the action, good for the special effects (if you can look past the CG-ness of it all), and good for the side characters. Don't go into this expecting an amazing story with heroic adventures and a water tight plot, though.

Also, anyone else get distinct Dead Rising 2 vibes from this?