Killer Workout

February Horror 2021
[10] Go back and watch something you scored two stars or under in the past, but think is deserving of another look.

So, I rewatched this movie, as I had given it a single star, but also hearted it, and couldn't remember why I did that.
I think I figured it out on second watching: While this is a batshit crazy bad movie that is incredibly misogynistic, it is still really entertaining.

I feel like unless you know what you are getting into before hand, you can't get entertainment from it. I say this because this movie has moments when it is highly offensive. It likes to basically make women look silly, and make men look hot-headed and macho. Again, I don't care because this movie is so bad in general it loops back around to entertaining. But if you don't know how offensive it could be considered going in, you won't enjoy it. star for content and potential offensiveness, but a heart because it is so bad it's good. If you don't want to watch it, there are several people on YouTube that have reviewed this movie that will give you the highlights (I suggest RedLetterMedia's Best of the Worst).

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