"Why must a movie be 'good' ? Is it not enough to sit somewhere dark and see a beautiful face, huge?"

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    the most fun movie i've seen in ages

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    rly glad i saw this with a friend so when the lights came up at the end and we were both crying we hugged across the armrest

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  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?


    it was really refreshing to see a movie about gay people where their sexuality is an inherent part of their character but the plot doesn't hinge on it; they're gay because they are and we exist, not because they have to be for some reason. it was also refreshing to see people doing "bad" things without being vilified and without the story feeling completely hopeless.

  • Parasite



    it was absolutely worth abandoning my academic responsibilities to go see this but now i'll never focus on homework again bc i can't stop thinking about it