Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

1. The dialogue is extremely clunky.
2. A lot of the acting is extremely wooden.
3. The social justice and Feminist messaging is very obnoxious and overbearing.
4. The film is teeming with cheap jump-scares.
5. There are some really strange directing choices such as unnecessary zoom-outs and camera-shots.
6. Every white male character is presented as a rapist, cultist, serial killer, misogynist, or a douchebag.
7. The movie is full of lazy Hollywood horror tropes. For example, the killer not being present in the first shot, but in the next shot they suddenly appear without making a noise.
8. The last big fight is wholly underwhelming as you don't care for any of the characters, the camera is shaking uncontrollably, it's entirely unbelievable with small women beating up much larger men, and it's rammed full of cheesy slow-motion.
9. Even though Black Christmas is supposed to be a slasher, there is virtually no gore whatsoever.

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