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  • Skyfall



    Dear Javier Bardem, please never stop playing bad guys. Thank you.

    Out of the Bond films I've seen (only the Craig ones) this one is the best from the technical aspect with the best cinematography, score and sound design. However, I still prefer Casino Royale because of the story, supporting characters, the character of Bond and I prefer Le Chiffre as a villain by a bit.


  • Satantango



    And here I stand, having seen this in one sitting.

    This film is exactly what they say: a masterpiece. I had huge expectations and somehow they were blown out of the park.

    Anyways, here are a few thoughts I had during the film:
    "Damn that narration kinda good."
    "Them cows are nice"
    "Are we sure Bela Tarr didn't ruin Erika Bok's childhood?"
    "I still can't play the accordion..."
    "He is really out here playing the Messiah while having the worst name ever."
    "Damn I wish this was longer."