Interstellar ★★★½

Interstellar was beautifully shot and poignant in many a scene, but it was also empty and cold where Nolan should have really capitalised on emotion. While it seems like a tad more personal compared to his other films, with the aspect of emotion, Interstellar appears largely unfocused and rather vague, suffering from a lack of precision and a dull pacing that destroyed the otherwise fluent storyline. Too much time was dedicated explaining details of scientific concepts to "best engineer and pilot" Cooper, who should, by right, be fluent in these concepts before chartering a rocket into the unknown depths of space. An obvious effort was made at exposition which dissolved the realism of the movie and made it flaky at parts, but no one can deny that the film, while largely scientifically unsound, is a brilliant portrayal of Nolan's unflinching imagination. Boasting a stellar cast, and supported by perfectly crafted characters that delve deep into the true nature of humanity, Interstellar is still a feat to be reckoned with, even if unclear about its true meaning.

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