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  • Soul




    Good lord the animation in this movie is like real-er than real life. Super wholesome story, fairly deep and mature themes for a Pixar movie, too, dealing with death and one's purpose in life. I think my favorite part was just the fantastic diversity displayed in the movie through the characters and culture of New York, the movie never rubs it in your face or makes it about race or diversity, though, which is awesome. It's not a perfect…

  • Hail, Caesar!

    Hail, Caesar!



    This movie was a wild ride from start to finish and reminds me very much of Burn After Reading in both tone and pacing (which, now remembering was also a Coen brothers film makes a lot of sense). Honestly, I'm not even really sure what it was about but I know I enjoyed the journey, though it's far from the brothers' best work.

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  • Baraka




    Damn, it's really hard to quantify my feelings about this film into a review. It's beautiful for one. The cinematography is stunning, and the crisp images the 70mm film presents are a true feast for the eyes. Outside of pure spectacle, however, there isn't much here. It feels a bit shallow to be honest, like the message of the film is a bit muddled. There are some obvious metaphors going on in the film juxtaposing the urban vs rural…

  • Wolfwalkers




    I am so unbelievably torn.

    This movie is, in every sense of the word, a masterpiece. A masterpiece of art, a masterpiece of animation, and a masterpiece of style. This movie's animation is a gorgeous and electric mixture of Gravity Falls and classic Disney animation, but with the erratic and bizarre backdrops of Bosch with the angles of Escher. I don't think I blinked once during my viewing, and I still feel like I missed out on half of…