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Fares Al-Naber

“Sometimes life’s a bitch and then you keep living.”


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  • Winter Light

    Winter Light


    تجربتي و اللي صار معاي بالفيلم بتشبه رحلة الكاهن ببعض اجزائها. فببعض المشاهد فعليا شكيت ببيرغمان و شكيت بمستوى الفيلم و مستوى و طول بعض المشاهد المبالغ فيها، و كل مرة كنت بشكك بالفيلم كنت بحس بشك بشكي نفسه و بحس بعدم الراحة و بحس انه مش لازم اشك و انه انا اكيد فاهم غلط او كيمياء جسمي اليوم مش مساعدة او يمكن صوت الجيران اثر عتركيزي؟ يمكن الحر و الشوب اثر؟ او يمكن عشان مش نايم كويس؟ اي اشي…

  • Limbo



    I'm speechless... Literally!


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  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion


    Aaaaaahhh 😭😭😭

    This was way better than what I expected. I had a fantastic time watching it and time just flew by so quickly!

    This beautiful emotional reunion is absolutely a respectful tribute to Friends' legacy! If you're a fan then you're gonna laugh, cry, and you'll be reminded by how great and iconic and big this show is, and why!

    There are of course a couple of moments that felt cheesy and old, but they're nothing comparing to how…

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    If you hate stayed in school, you'd know that hate breeds hate, Vinz.

    So far, so good, until it isn't anymore!

    You can't dodge a bullet, you just can't! Whether this bullet was your future, your destiny, your punishment, or simply your time! In this rotten society, you'll land hard, on your face, in the mud. You'll land hard!

    La Haine is one of the most important films I've ever watched. Not only because it brilliantly shed the light over…