Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) ★★★

Good movie. So much fun and so many laughs. Harley Quinn is a damn good character, she's crazy and a total badass yet cute and relatable at the same time. She was Portrayed perfectly by the amazing Margot Robbie. I love Margot I think she's a very good actress, she brought a lot of “natural quirkiness” to the character and that's really a hard thing to do, it could easily go as over the top, but no, she nailed it!

The “Birds of Prey” all were good and all did their job, nothing special tho. They could've come out better if they were presented well. Really as a characters they were undeveloped. Even tho I don't have a problem with the narration style they took, but those timeline jumps weren't smooth (I felt like they were trying to copy Deadpool), and they didn't use it well to give enogh background to the characters. So they kinda ditched it later!

I like Ewan McGregor and I think he's a very good actor too, but, I didn't like him at all here. He's not terrible, but he was over the top in a cartoonish way which is something should've been ok for a movie like this, but something was wrong. He didn't add any specific qualities for the character and the hole character wasn't written well. He's just bad and just there. Even his assistant (Chris Messina's character) had more impact than him and reflected the evil side better than him. He had only one good scene, other than that nothing, he was Ewan McGregor trying to be a bad guy!

Overall, you'll have a good time, but I think as a movie it could've been better if it had a different vision behind it. The story wasn't not bad, actually it's started very good and was intriguing, but the charismatic Margot Robbie is the best thing here and the actual reason for why you should watch this movie.


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