Mandy ★★

Just a bunch of aesthetic that isn't really my aesthetic so I didn't really care and it bummed me out because there's no way for me to like, integrate myself into the story at all or relate I guess? I don't like Nicholas Cage, and I have seen enough retrowave killer biker nonsense and cultist dicks and stuff in my real life already, and I didn't like it then, either. Like I don't strongly hate it it's just old hat. I dunno. I thought it was really fucking boring. I watched it twice and the second time I even got high but it is not my kind of junk food I guess. I know I'm supposed to love it but I just didn't at all. SORRY!!! FWIW I think drugs are boring too lol
and I love heavy metal, comics, books, swords, the forest, etc
just not ... this